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New in our portfolio: INSYS icom - Professional Data Communication, Smart Devices
Secure, cost-efficient and future-proofed for the Industrial IoT use industrial routers from INSYS icom.
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COMMUNICATION >> INSYS icom ECR - VPN-Router IoT-Gateways


ECR VPN-Router / IoT-Gateways

This VPN router offers the following impressive highlights:
  • Wi-Fi access point and client
  • RS232, RS485 and 2+2 digital I/Os
  • Dual SIM (4G version)
  • Sleep mode for energy self-sufficient applications
  • Mounting on wall and DIN rail
  • Installation in control cabinets and small distribution boards
On board thanks to the operating system icom OS:
  • Comprehensive IT security functions
  • Connection redundancy incl. multiple VPNs
  • Comprehensive network functionality with multiple IP networks
  • Integrated edge computing and IoT functions
All-purpose with universal mounting options
The routers of the ECR series provide all important interfaces for realising extensive applications from remote services to IIoT. Both, the LAN and the LTE variant provide Wi-Fi for an operation as access point for local connection or as client for integration into an IT infrastructure. The LTE version offers cellular redundancy via dual SIM and fall-back to HSPA and GSM. The ECR is also suitable for an easy retrofit of existing plants due to its interfaces RS232 and RS485. The integrated digital I/Os extend the range of applications additionally. This VPN router can be mounted universally like the SCR and suitable for both, switch cabinets and small distribution boxes.
The icom SmartBox, an integrated Linux environment that enables to execute scripts and programs directly on the router, is also included besides the INSYS operating system icom OS.
With this, an ECR router can not only be used for secure remote maintenance and control, but also for acquiring and processing application data within the scope of edge computing. Amongst other things, this permits to monitor the conditions and values of connected devices as well as realise applications like reporting or benchmarking across different plants thanks to a plug & play connection to cloud services.

Order No.:
Technical Data
Industrial LAN-WLAN-Router, WLAN Accespoint + Client,
NAT, VPN, firewall, 2 LAN ports, 1 RS232, 1 RS485, 2x DI, 2x DO,
5 separate IP Networks, user roles, variable configuration profiles, icom SmartBox.
Industrial LTE-WLAN-Router, Dual SIM, WLAN Accespoint + Client, 1 antenna connector,
4G/LTE: Pentaband, 3G/HSPA: Tripleband, 2G/GSM: Dualband,  CSD, GPRS/EDGE Class 12,
NAT, VPN, firewall, 2 LAN ports, 1 RS232, 1 RS485, 2x DI, 2x DO,
5 separate IP Networks, user roles, variable configuration profiles, icom SmartBox.